Holiday Letters FAQ


Questions about Holiday Letters

  1. What kind of small surprise can my child expect in the holiday letters?

    The surprise insert in the Santa, Tooth Fairy, and Easter letters is usually a bookmark, tattoo, sticker, origami, Good Boys and Girls Club membership card, or other flat holiday-themed object. Cupid letters usually contain a valentine.

  2. What is the difference between the secular and religious theme Santa & Easter options?

    Most of our letters are secular in nature. Santa Letters promote Christmas spirit, goodwill toward men, and good values in general. However, they do not specifically mention the Bible or Jesus' birthday. If you select the "Christmas (religious)" option, the letters will mention that Jesus is the reason for the season. If you select the Easter (religious) option for Easter Bunny Letters, the letter will mention Jesus' resurrection. Please note that we currently only have 2 religious versions of our letters, so if you order more than 2 or re-order for the next year, you will be given the secular versions. We are working on writing more, and hope to have them available soon.

  3. If I order for more than 1 child, will the Santa letters be the same?

    No! Every child in a household will receive a different letter. We have 12 templates + special letters for Baby's 1st Christmas, senior citizens, and pets. We are also adding new ones all the time. We strive to make sure that there are no repeats. We even check against the last year's orders to make sure that new letters go out if you are a repeat customer.

  4. What if I don't have the information for a question?

    That's fine! It's perfectly normal for parents not to know exactly what Santa will leave as a gift or in the stocking. It's common also that if someone other than a parent is ordering, he or she may not know every detail of the child's life (friend or pet names). Just leave any question you are unsure about blank. We will work around it.

  5. I don't understand what to write for the post script.

    The post script is one short sentence that will be printed at the bottom of the letter. It can be anything at all that you would like to say, but most parents use this as a "gentle reminder" for areas that need improvement. An example might be, "I know that Math is a tough subject for you, but keep practicing and it will get easier".

  6. Why did our family's letters arrive in the same envelope?

    Almost all orders going to the same address are mailed in the same envelope. We do this in case a letter is lost or delayed. It makes children very sad if one child in the household receives a letter before another. We don't want any sibling rivalries!

  7. Why don't you offer the letters for free?

    You can get free letters simply by writing to Santa, but these are generic copies that the elves send out. It costs us a little to process the real personalized letters. Below is a list of the costs. I'm sure you'll agree the price is reasonable. As always, a percentage is donated to the charity of choice for each elf in the letter office. Elf Stacy chose Starbound Childrens Theater in Fairfield, CA.

    Costs: Website and advertising fees, Ink and paper to print order, ink and paper for draft, ink for final letter & envelope, color letterhead, envelope, sticker seal, surprise insert, word processing time, stamp, shipping per letter to Alaska for postmark, 10% donation to charity, and PayPal fees to accept credit card payments.

  8. Do you only write to children?

    We write letters to people of all ages! I'm sure that letters from Santa would definitely brighten up the holidays for our soldiers away from home. We also write letters to newborn babies, babies yet to be born, friends, co-workers, bosses, senior citizens, and even pets!

  9. Is it safe to give out so much information on my child?

    Elf Stacy takes privacy seriously! We never sell or share any information we collect and nobody else in the mail office is allowed to see the personalization submitted for childrens' letters except Elf Stacy. Remember too, you can give out as much or as little information on the order form as makes you feel comfortable, and we will write the letters with the info we have.

  10. Couldn't I just write a letter myself?

    Certainly! There could be nothing more personal or filled with love than a letter written directly by a parent. If you can, you definitely should! However, you should first ask yourself these questions: When things start to get hectic during the holidays, will I really find the time to get to the stationers for letterhead? Will I really put in the extra effort to mail the letter to the North Pole for postmark? Most importantly, am I sure I can find a place to work where my children won't walk in and catch me? Sometimes it's just easier to pay for the real thing.

  11. I don't understand what the Evidence Kits are.

    Evidence Kits are assembled using some of Santa's old personal effects like gloves, spectacles, buttons, etc. Parents can drop one or two items from the kit on Christmas Eve to prove to their kids that Santa really did visit. These things really did belong to Santa, but he asks that the parents leave the clues because he doesn't have time.