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Santa knows that some children require more proof than just eating the cookies that were left out. He has donated some of his personal effects for the elves to assemble Evidence Kits with. These are sure to convince even the most skeptical of older children, but Santa asks that the parents leave the clues because he simply doesn't have the time. These are the most comprehensive Evidence of Santa Claus Kits you will find and will last an entire childhood if you use just 2-3 items per Christmas!

(You may order just the digital rooftop sound effects file by itself for $5.)

With the Basic Kit, you get:


◦Thank you for the snacks note

◦Best Decorated Tree Award

◦Pre-flight checklist

◦Elfin Bakery coupon

◦Santa's Flyer License

◦Wallet photo of Mrs. Claus

◦Wallet photo of a baby reindeer

◦Reindeer veterinarian business card

◦Sleigh repair business card

◦Santa's Public Library Card

◦Santa's Social Security Card

◦Novelty $1 million bill

◦Swatch of Santa's magic suit

◦Nice list fragment personalized with your child's name

(One name only - if you need to add names for an additional fee, please contact us)

◦Reindeer hoof print stencil

◦Santa & reindeer rooftop sound effects (1:07) (digital download)

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